Bethel is a traditional baptist church but there are 7 distinct things that separate us from other churches:

1. We teach the unfashionable Doctrines of Grace.
2. We use in the Pulpit and supply in the pew only the Authorized Version of the Bible. This helps us to all be on the “same page”.
3. We take a low view of hype – we are not a business venture so we don’t use gimmicks to get people to come out to church.
4. 30% of our weekly offerings go to missions.
5. We are activiely Evangelistic, we are taking the Gospel to the streets! We go throughout the city of Lawton telling people about JEsus.
6. We are diverse, we have people from every walk of life. We make people feel welcome – we’ve all got a past but you won’t hear too much about it, because the past is – past. But if you do get know some of our stories you’ll see the wonders of God’s Amazing Grace.
7. We keep our music in a supportive role – it does not dominate the service, it is an important part of our services but it’s not the main thing. The main thing is the teaching of the Holy Word of the Living God.

2 Responses to About

  1. Jackie Bodine says:

    I used to be a member of your Church back in 1977-1978 I am inquiring if you still continue with the learning books that take you through the entire Bible?


  2. Hello! All of our books are listed here: https://bbc-lawton.org/watchman-press/books/ We have Basic Bible Characters, volumes 1-4 and Major Bible Events in the Old Testament and Major Bible Events of the New Testament that might be what you are looking for. If that is it, then yes, we do still sell them. We are currently revising the Basic Bible Characters series, but all volumes are available. Two have been updated, the other two should be completed by the end of February. Thank you for writing! I hope you will stop by sometime if you can.


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