Serving at Ft. Sill?


While You Are Serving at Ft. Sill, You Can Serve the Lord!

And we want to help you do it, because we are trying to serve the Lord, too!

* You can serve the Lord while serving at Ft Sill: through evangelism, teaching, bookstore & tract ministries, distributing CDs, and helping with the church newsletter the Watchman.
* Bethel has a family atmosphere: we are not a club, we are a church. We are all wicked sinners who have been saved by the Grace of God, and have experienced the life changing presence of a new nature!
* We have sound Bible teaching in every service. We emphasize the Word of God, because it makes us wise unto salvation, and is a light for us in a dark world.
* Bethel is an appreciative church: we appreciate you for what you do!
* We are a safe place for your family. We closely monitor everyone in the ministries of the church, and we practice church discipline to keep the church sound, safe and Christ-like.
* Bethel has a diverse congregation, both ethnically and socially. We have people from every walk of life, and we are all equal.
* We have a graded, or age specific, Sunday School. We also have adult classes addressing the topics people need, and we use the Word of God as our textbook.
* Bethel has a ministry that touches the shores of every continent, and you can be a part of it!