Here are the books available from Watchman Press. Please email us to place an order.

Please use the following postage schedule when ordering books from the Watchman Press:

Orders of $5 or fewer – add $2.50
Orders of $5.01-$10.00 – add $3.25
Orders of $10.01-$20.00 – add $4.00
Orders of $20.01 – $30.00 – add $4.75
Orders of $30.01 – $40.00 – add $5.50
Orders of $40.01-$50.00 – add $6.60
Orders over $50 – add 15% of total


Our newest addition to the Watchman Press!

TERMINOLOGY by Forrest L. Keener: $1.75 each


ABCs of Youth Guidance 
20 pages, by Forrest L. Keener
Price: $1.00



Book 4 has been updated and revised!


Book 1 has now been revised with new cover and modern formatting!  Books 2-3 are in progress. Stay tuned for more information.

Basic Bible Characters by Forrest L. Keener
54 pages per volume (volume 1-4)
Price: $2.25 each


Careful Studies in Romans by Forrest L. Keener, 80 pages
Price: $4.00


Creation Versus Evolution by Frank A. Godsoe, 39 pages


Series on Giving, by Forrest L. Keener. Each booklet is 8-12 pages.
Price: $2.50 for bundle, $.75 per booklet


Grace Not Calvinism by Forrest L. Keener, 289 pages
Addressing some of the misinformation that exists among Baptists about the Doctrines of Grace. A classic book from a non-reformed view point.
Price: $8.00


Major Bible Events in the Old Testament by Forrest L. Keener, 114 pages
Price: $4.50


Major Bible Events in the New Testament by Forrest L. Keener, 135 pages
Price: $4.50


Mysteries of the Kingdom by Forrest L. Keener, 318 pages
A fabulous setting forth of the pre-millennial and pre-tribulation rapture of the saints. No stone is left unturned and it offers to the reader a balanced view of the return of Christ.
Price: $12.00


Perpetuity of the Church by Forrest L. Keener, 36 pages
Price: $2.00


31 Days of Proverbs 31 by Valerie Courtney Basham, 70 pages.
Join Valerie on a daily journey through Proverbs 31. Brief devotional thoughts and a place for taking notes each day.
Price: $3.00

Kindle version available for $.99


Serious Studies in John by Forrest L. Keener, 110 pages
Price: $4.00

**All orders are sent on promise of payment from customers, those who do not pay their bills, we commit to God. – Pastor Terry Basham, II