CDs and MP3s

Grace Not Calvinism – 12 sermons on the Doctrines of Grace, a classic presentation of what these doctrines are and are not.

12 CD set: $36.00
MP3 disk of all 12 for $16.00.

Mysteries of the Kingdom – 36 sermons on the Second Coming of Christ, a powerful teaching series on the pre-millenial return of Christ, delivered with the spirit of mercy. These lectures were turned into a book of the same title which is over 300 pages.

36 CD set – $100.00
MP3 disk  – $40.00

The Security of the Believer – 6 sermons on the sweetest fact of the Gospel message – SECURITY!

6 CD set – $18.00
MP3 disk – $6.00

The Doctrine of the Effect of Church Music – 16 sermons giving the background and doctrinal implications of some of our most beloved hymns.

16 CD set – $54.00
MP3 disc – $15.00

**All orders are sent on promise of payment from customers, those who do not pay their bills, we commit to God. – Pastor Terry Basham, II